Restraint, A Novel

“Mom! Put that down! You will not like that book!”

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An Unacceptable Love

Clergyman’s son John Waterfield is handsome, absurdly modest, and oblivious to the gossip swirling around him when he suddenly finds himself Regency London’s most celebrated new portrait artist. His success is assured, so long as he can hide his forbidden desires from society–and from himself.

Tristan Hay, Viscount Penrith, is under no illusions. His privileged position depends upon his father’s tolerance, his brother’s legacy, and society’s willingness to forget his wild history. His predilection for the intimate companionship of other men is a closely-guarded secret, and he plans to keep it that way.

But when Tristan commissions a portrait from John, society notices the spark between them even before they do. Against John’s religious upbringing and Tristan’s deeply held belief in his own corrupt nature, their love grows, and they dare to imagine a life together…until rumour, jealousy, and blackmail force John and Tristan to face a painful choice.

Will society tear them apart, or will their deep bond defy a world where their very love is deemed a crime?

Dramatic, heartbreaking, and rich in emotion, RESTRAINT is the story of an impossible love that endures sacrifice and tragedy to change two lives forever.