Story Grid Editing

The turning point

The turning point in my Story Grid story was right where it needed to be: at the Midpoint Shift, in the morning of Day 3 in Nashville. That’s when Shawn Coyne revealed his plan for disrupting the decrepit New York publishing model, and I realized that I was part of something way bigger than just credentials for a new freelance career.

In the Hero’s Journey, the protagonist is called to adventure, and in many stories (especially those with a strong internal genre) she refuses the call at first. She has to overcome internal obstacles before setting out.

But not me, man. Bolstered by the enthusiasm of 18 other newly-minted Story Grid Editors, I set off on this strange new road immediately.  I’ll be reporting on the journey as I go.

My notes from the morning of Day 3 in Nashville as the implications of what Shawn was presenting began to sink in.