Announcing the Roundtable podcast!

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Banner with five photographs showing Jarie Bolander, Valerie Francis, Anne Hawley, Kim Kessler and Leslie Watts

Story Grid Roundtable Podcast Team New! Now! The Story Grid Roundtable, a podcast dedicated to helping you become a better editor. Each week, I and four of my fellow Certified Story Grid Editors analyze a movie from one of the twelve main content genres, answering the Editor’s Six Core Questions…including (ta-da!) the elusive Obligatory Scenes and […]

I’ll be published soon in nonfiction

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Exciting news: I’ve been contracted to write a Story Grid Masterworks Edition in–of all things!–the Western genre. One of Shawn Coyne’s most powerful Story Grid tools is his study guide to the Love Story genre, in the form of an annotated Pride and Prejudice. It was instrumental to me in completing Restraint. As a Certified Story Grid  Editor, […]

The turning point

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The turning point in my Story Grid story was right where it needed to be: at the Midpoint Shift, in the morning of Day 3 in Nashville. That’s when Shawn Coyne revealed his plan for disrupting the decrepit New York publishing model, and I realized that I was part of something way bigger than just […]